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Inside the ADHD mind

It’s liberating to write such easy CSS. No more effort spent naming things. Shadow DOM looks like it is finally making its way to full browser support. It's likely to make it into the next release of Firefox while Edge have implementation as a 3158 R Mens Oxford Laceup Tamboga mXv8ERE1Kj

This browser support data is from Caniuse , which has more detail. A number indicates that browser supports the feature at that version and up.

# Desktop

# Mobile / Tablet

The property is a way of setting all CSS properties at once—everything from align-content to z-index . What values does it accept? I can’t think of any use case when I’d want all properties to inherit , but that’s an option. Then there’s initial which is more like applying a CSS reset where all the styles are gone. No padding. No margin. The initial value is set per property, regardless of the element it is applied to. The initial value of display is inline , even if you apply it to a div . The font-style of an em tag is normal , as is the font-weight of a strong tag. Link text will be black. You get the idea. (You can find the initial value of any CSS property on .) This does perhaps limit its usefulness, going further than we might like by removing all styles, regardless of context.

Sadly, the most useful value for all is also the least widely implemented: revert . It can remove the styles that you as a developer have applied, while leaving the default user-agent styles intact. We’ve all seen a page of HTML without a stylesheet—black Times New Roman on a white (transparent) background with blue underlined links. If you really want to avoid inheritance, then all: revert has you covered. All divs will be display: block and spans will be inline . All em tags will be italic and strong tags will be bold. Links will be blue and underlined.

This browser support data is from slipon boat shoes Blue Cerruti OaTPvuAe0n
, which has more detail. A number indicates that browser supports the feature at that version and up.

# Desktop

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Mobile / Tablet

CSS-in-JS is a cry for help. We at @csswg should pay attention to this and address the issues before it gets worse. Preowned Cloth flats Sophia Webster wxmsZg

— Lea Verou (@LeaVerou) May 24, 2017

The miscellany of rival unstandardized methods for writing CSS-in-JS was an attempt to sidestep these same issues. That approach has gained popularity over the last several years. Some of its proponents have deemed inheritance, the cascade and specificity as fundamentally flawed design decisions of the language. The CSS Working Group at the W3C is responding by improving the power of CSS and the native web platform. It will be interesting to see the outcome…

register_meta is used to whitelist an existing custom meta value for access through the REST API. By setting a meta field’s show_in_rest parameter to true , that field’s value will be exposed on a .meta key in the endpoint response, and WordPress will handle setting up the callbacks for reading and writing to that meta key. This is much simpler than register_rest_field , with one caveat:

Alert: Meta fields set to using are registered for all objects of a given type. If one custom post type shows a meta field, all custom post types will show that meta field.

This is because meta registration is currently handled at the base level of WordPress object (post, user, etc) and cannot be specified per “subtype” ( e.g. custom post types). 111 Kroko Unisex Adults LowTop Tamboga LpWaxkCPsD
in future versions of WordPress, but if you are trying to add a custom field to a specific API endpoint’s response then register_rest_field is currently recommended over register_meta .

The register_rest_field function is the most flexible way to add fields to REST API response objects. It accepts three parameters:

Each of the keys of the $args array is optional, but if not used, that capability will not be added. This means that you may specify a callback function for reading the value and omit the update callback to make that field read-only if desired.

Fields should be registered at the rest_api_init action. Using this action rather than init will prevent the field registration from happening during requests to WordPress that do not use the REST API.

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Collapse full source code

This example illustrates adding a field called karma to the response for posts. Itworks because the comment_karma field exists, but is unused by core.Note that an actual implementation of comment karma would need to use a separate endpoint.

This is a basic example; carefully consider what permissions checks or error handling may be required for your specific field.

The global variable $wp_rest_additional_fields is used internally by the REST API infrastructure to hold the response fieldsto be added to each object type. The REST API provides register_rest_field as a utility function for adding to this global variable. Adding to the global variabledirectly should be avoided to ensure forward-compatibility.

For each object type — posts, or users, terms, comments, etc. — $wp_rest_additional_fields contains an array of field definitions containing the callbacks used to retrieve or update the field’s value.

The register_meta function simplifies the process of defining a meta field for a particular object type. By setting 'show_in_rest' => true when registering a new meta key, that key will be accessible through the REST API. Note however that at this time there is no way to register a meta field for a specific post type : meta fields registered for the “post” object will appear on all custom post types, as well as the default post record. For this reason it is less broadly useful than register_rest_field .

Overall, these results show that TCR induced gene expression is potentiated by the stiffness of the surface presenting TCR ligands and genes related to CD4 + T cell immune response are particularly sensitive.

In a founding study ( Mens Sneaker 70723783501301 Trainers Marc OPolo QNoPl0ke
), substrate stiffness was shown to induce different programs of differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells. We thus asked whether different stiffness values could induce different programs of T cell differentiation or whether stiffness acts instead as a rheostat on TCR/CD3-induced activation.

We first used the microarray data to perform pair-wise comparisons (presence vs. absence of aCD3 for each stiffness value) with the gene set enrichment analysis (GSEA) method. We used the publicly available Gene Ontology – Biological Processes (GO-BP) and the Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG) pathway gene sets to identify the relatively enriched collections of genes and then extracted the enriched gene sets for each condition ( White Shishu Super Hightop Sneakers Yohji Yamamoto 8YchN
, White Logo HighTop Sneakers Versus xK2LVGo
). Results showed that most of the enriched gene sets were common for the three different substrates and these included cell-cycle-related and immune-response-related processes. The stiff 100 kPa gel caused the enrichment of a higher number of gene sets in response to aCD3 stimulation, due to specific enrichment of gene sets such as mitochondrial biogenesis, oxidative phosphorylation and glycolysis ( Supplementary file 2 ).

Figure 3 with 1 supplement
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() Enrichment of gene sets on PA-gels of varying stiffness for p-values lower than 0.05, false discovery rates lower than 0.25 and NES values higher than 1.75. () Pathway analysis with the GO – BP …

Figure 3—figure supplement 1
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Pathway analysis on the differentially up-regulated genes, using the GO and the KEGG databases, showed that the 6.4 and 100 kPa PA-gels induced mostly common pathways, which were mitotic cell cycle, transcription and translation related ( Quartz Perforated Mens Trainers Le Coq Sportif eHAkumXSne
, Figure 3—figure supplement 1 , FOOTWEAR Lowtops amp; sneakers Svnty 6tFeSl
, ). For the 0.5 kPa PA-gel, the two most prominent pathways induced were T cell activation and differentiation ( Figure 3B ), showing that the TCR was responsive from the softest end of the stiffness range. The two most prominent pathways induced only on 6.4 kPa gels included survival and apoptotic signaling pathways ( Supplementary file 3 ) despite the fact that T cell viability was the same for all conditions (data not shown). Moreover, this was due to the differential expression of very few genes (e.g. CUL2, SART1, BRCC3 and ERCC8). The two most prominent pathways induced only on the 100 kPa gels included respiratory electron transport (e.g. genes of ATP synthase) and translation-related pathways (ribosomal protein genes) ( Figure 3B , Supplementary files 3 , ), showing that induction of these pathways required the stronger signaling provided by TCR ligands on the stiff substrate.

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